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Home > Showers | Toilets | Sanitation > Charmin To GoŽ Travel Toilet Tissue Rolls, 24 Roll/Case

Charmin To GoŽ Travel Toilet Tissue Rolls, 24 Roll/Case

Charmin To GoŽ Travel Toilet Tissue Rolls, 24 Roll/Case - click to enlarge

Item #:R7S7LDB3

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Charmin To GoŽ Travel Toilet Tissue Rolls, 24 Roll/Case

Travel bath tissue, small tissue rolls, mini bath tissue roll. travel toilet tissue, small roll toilet paper, mini tissue rolls. Pocket sized travel tissue roll, restroom tissue rolls, personal size tissue roll.

Comfort - Clean - Always available, alway from home!!

These portable tissue rolls allows you to have the comforts of home while on the go. It is a coreless, solid roll of Charmin To Go™ bath tissue roll in a pull-out dispenser keeps the tissue neat, clean and dry. Designed to fit in a purse or pocket. This perfect size tissue is easy to carry and handy when needed. These little toilet paper rolls are a perfect solution when storage is a concern. They fit into pockets or purse with ease. Color is bleached white like the tissue you use at home.

Alway store our emergency mini toilet paper rolls in convenient locations to assure proper sanitary standards. Designed for quick, easy and safe use when away from home. These unique mini rolls of toilet tissue are conveniently packaged and small enough to fit in a purse, backpack, or pocket.

These extra soft toilet tissues come in a handy, water-resistant dispenser pack for easy rationing.

Filled with 55-sheet roll of quilted Charmin™ 1-ply toilet tissue for extra softness and comfort.

Unique dispenser pack keeps tissues dry and clean while allowing only what you need to be dispensed.

Safe for sewer and septic systems.

Specs: Charmin To Go

Specification Description

Weight 1 ounce

Capacity/Volume 55 sheets

Material 1-ply tissue

Individually Packaged rollettes. 24 rolls.

Alway store our emergency mini toilet paper rolls in convenient locations to assure proper sanitary standards.

A travel necessity if ever there was one!

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